My name is Christine Butterfield and I am a sports reporter. 

From a young age, I could tell my life would revolve around sports. My father was a high jumper at Kansas University, so it was clear who I got my passion for sports from. After trying every sport imaginable, I became obsessed with soccer. I loved the intricacies of the sport, team camaraderie, and learning new skills.

During a summer while in high school, I was selected to travel to Europe with my soccer club. I had an incredible time competing against different teams and improving my skills. Traveling to foreign countries and exploring new cities was an unforgettable experience.  

Other than traveling and reporting, my interests include: growing my sneaker collection, throwing the Frisbee to my best pal Toffee, and letting off steam at the gym.

I know that each person has a unique story waiting to be told and I strive to report those stories effectively. Every sport is thrilling because each one is unpredictable. I love that this job allows me to report unexpected stories and that news is always right around the corner.

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My experience in TV and radio has allowed me to develop a versatile skill set. I have learned how to become a reliable reporter as well as express my thoughts in a clear and expressive way.

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